Nolan Coaches Dublin – Secrets Revealed

Coaches are one of the most environmentally sensitive ways to travel. Per person, they create far less carbon per mile than planes, cars or even trains. They also help reduce the level of traffic on the roads. Contrary to popular belief, they can also provide a very cost effective way of either getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’, or, as a comfortable means of transport on a tour.

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If you have been put in charge of organising a trip for any more than 10 people then hiring a coach will not only be your cheapest option but by far your easiest. Hiring a coach and a driver will enable you to keep everyone together, allow you all to relax, and maximise your time at your chosen location. click here

City breaks are ideally suited to hiring a coach. London is a prime example. With a coach you will be able to be dropped very close to the places you want to see without having to deal with the London traffic. You will then be able to be picked up again and transported, hassle free, to your next destination. It is probably the most stress free way of seeing the capital and will certainly work out cheaper than you all jumping on and off the tube.

One aspect of coach travel which is a bit blurred is the standard of the vehicles and service. Most coach hire companies will brand themselves as a company specialising in luxury or executive coach hire. The reality is that very few meet the standard.

We all remember school coaches. These are what you would call budget or cheap coach hire. These coaches do the job for a short distance but for a long journey they can be very uncomfortable. True luxury coach hire is a whole different ball game. In some of these coaches, long distance journeys can actually be pleasurable. You can have anything from Sky TV, leather seats, wireless networks and power points to sleeping berths, catered meals or even conference facilities.

Coach hire prices are low enough that if you have enough people on the trip, wherever it may be, the cost of this level of luxury can actually be very affordable.

Modern day coach travel does not need to be the uncomfortable experience with which it is usually associated. If you do it right, it can now provide all the conveniences of air and rail travel but with even greater flexibility. There are lots of companies specialising in this type of coach hire in UK, especially in coach hire in London. Many of these companies operate online and will be able to provide you with an online quote.

Coach travel is often overlooked because of the perception then either being very basic or too expensive. The reality is very different. Coach hire, in the right circumstances, can offer a cheap, luxurious, environmentally friendly and hassle free alternative to other means of transport.